the beginning 

Back in 2012, before the opening of COLONY Studios, the first vision was to create a space dedicated to the photographic phenomena. One that would be particularly focused on the discussion to find and understand the ways we, as photographers, shape our media.

The idea was great, but it wasn't the right time to do it. We first needed to increase our network of contacts and become known within the industry; so we created a product called COLONY Studios Brooklyn.

After 4 years operating as a production arena, we are talking to the world, and our voice is COLONY Incubator


Services provided for the photo industry in New York City can often be systematic and non-diversified. 90% of these services are focused on profit and cater only to when photographers are in the "action of shooting". Shooting photographs however, only takes up about 20% of the working time for most photographers.

We believe that photographers are more than just people with cameras. Diversity and creativity need time and space to rise, when these new ideas emerge, they contribute to the overall industry. This intersection of new aesthetics, new problems, and new styles from a wide variety of artists is where COLONY Incubator lives. A community where relevant initiatives are created for the development of the Arts. 

The initiative

The Incubator is a space to discuss, collaborate, research, experiment, throw a party and get a better understanding of where ideas come from and what we can do with them.

A team led by image theorist Giovanni Cervantes is immersed in discovering new ideas from fresh unestablished artists from around the world, and providing them not only a working space and equipment resources on the project bases, but also by helping them create new meaningful initiatives based on their work. 

If you would like to get in touch with us. Please send us an email to:

piña colada and the creation of meaning

What is a lived experience? If consciousness shapes and, in a way, <<in-animates>> what is around us; can consciousness also be the limit of our phenomenological human experience?

Throughout time, we have created our very own fabricated reality, in most situations, everything around us are objects we have created not only to function in a particular way but to hold its meaning inside its function. So, the meaning of <<some-thing>> isn’t subtracted from the thing itself, even when we signified an object based on social standards, that meaning is only added to the object. The object itself doesn’t mean anything, cause it’s only a holder of our particular act of consciousness towards that object.

The meaning of things is only structured when we want it to mean something tangible, and that’s why we call things in a certain way.

In that sense, what many things can a Piña Colada be?, or better said, how many things a <<thing>> can be?. If a passive approach towards an object starts when we name it, then how can you talk of something without implying its function, its meaning. And even if you could, would still make sense to name things then?

In this case, a piña colada can be a frozen drink – that is a cold yellow substance- a thing holding multiple feelings. If we think about it, this act of consciousness detach us from the object, resulting in the essential paradox of meaning, that everything is nothing.


Today I read a letter about your throat
More than ever I wanted to be there
Slide on your tongue
Get something juicy as fuck

Some juicy taste that beholds on your teeth
I wanna lay down there and die a bit
Just a bit so I can go on
        swim down your belly
        take a brake
        take a drink

I like that you love me when I’m drunk
I drunk that you like me when I’m love
I love that you drunk me when I’m like

I fuck that you fuck me when I’m fucked

Nothing will do any better
This is the better it gets,  
sad but not alone
Dizzed on your throat squeezed in your guts
I swim down your belly to get drunk

As part of the Incubator project we initiated a series of discussions with different field experts, aiming to expand our specialized network and -most importantly- to open an ongoing medium of analysis towards a wider understanding of the different subjects and ideas that we develop through the Incubator project. 

the professors VOl.3

On the 3rd edition of The Professors we got together with architects and designers on a round table discussion to talk about the impact of architecture and interiors on the observer's state of mind. This gathering will also serve as research material for an upcoming project: The Rotten House.

The professors Vol.2

The Professors Vol2.jpg


AUGUST 11TH, 2017 - 10PM


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