As part of The COLONY Incubator, we have conceived COLONY nights: a monthly creative encounter focused on creating a place and time where artists can meet and pitch their ideas.

Artists lead ideas, ideas meet producers.

These creative nights will take place on the last Thursday of each month at the COLONY Incubator Studio, located at 67 West St, Unit 515, Brooklyn, NY.

Each month, the event will be co-hosted by a publication, relevant institution or person from the creative fields; increasing the network for each event and more importantly, enable it to reach broader creative audiences.

Next event will take place the night of OCTOBER 26th at The CYC Studio. 
67 West St, unit 523. Brooklyn, NY. 

To attend to this event please RSVP at


As artists we often fall into the trap of wanted to be recognized. Whatever we do, we do it because we are exposing who we are and how we do things…. and that is just as diverse as people itself. 

It would be impossible to have a established venue, publication, gallery, government, agent, market, etc to represent us all. 

The truth is, most of what is established; magazines, products, schools, governments, and even the art system, they all follow the same standard motivation to do things, profit. 

The mass consumption of products and media, as a new way to achieve taste and identity.

The leaders of mass consumption or -the leaders of the masses- are the ones most people look up, want to replicate and feel like them. We intent to believe, the closer we get there, the better life is. But we really only enter to an event horizon, empowering a system where rules have to be followed to construct a fake idea of individualism, order and comfort.

Until it's over. 

Establishment builds ego and kills creativity. But even when creativity flourish, its usually limited to glorify and navigate into one's personal vision and perception. Unfortunately, if Art's final mission is to make a better world we all live in, it has been very far to achieve it. The art world has become into another tool of the same system of control. 

THERE IS NO TIME AND SENSE ANYMORE TO GLORIFY EACH OTHER'S SELF EXPRESSION. Instead, Artist should get together and fight to transform the world, but most importantly (and this is where we all have failed) they should have a clear idea of how the future should be and what are the new bases of society to make it happen. History have called them, visionaries.

We shouldn't be divided, we shouldn’t be afraid of the diverse; our work should come from it without trying to fit on something, like someone, or even being heard. We should create living pieces of art, that exists far beyond from our self. Our believes reside in the Infamous, the forgotten, those who fail and are usually disapproved, ignored, misinterpreted, banned.

The world doesn’t need another outlet to pursuit establishment. 

We are the un-established, the most fucked up ones. 

We are not scared about change.

The COLONY Team.

COLONY NIGHTs, August 31st 2017
Co-hosted by michael donovan, Driely Carter and brian shevlin
thanks to ApolLEnair for the tunes
And Sergio avellaneda for the images

Co-hosted by colony studios
Special thanks to K Alexis for the tunes
And ricardo mantilla for the images

Does beauty really exist? - Where is it?  

co/Lab night, June 29th 2017
co-hosted by Floating point
Special thanks to riobamba


CO/LAB NIGHT, April 27TH 2017 - COHOSTED BY Ella Cepeda from paper magazine

Photo Credits: Ricardo Mantilla

CO/LAB night, MARCH 30th 2017 - Cohosted by suited magazine

CO/LAB night, Feb 23rd 2017