the brains behind the beauty

Order and Chaos


Creative Director

Giovanni Cervantes,


Tania Apolinar slept through the noise of jungle and sound system
Her smile continuously moves along the hallways where smoked wood was once on fire
Fire, smoke and sound, and she arrives with crystal eyes to embrace the coming blaze from heat and celebration
The land of human levitation
The hidden is exposed, rings of smoke, yells of pleasure and green hands carrying the smell of life.

Crystal eyes that sees its own reflection
in a moment of pure truth,
drops of salt and water will fall at a night sky to remember where the fire still alive
so we can join the warmth and spread the land of joy.



Equipment manager

Victoria Alba as thought becoming skin
The skin of protection
The power of being a thought.

Guardian of what make us still strangers
for the things that will remain unsaid
preserved in the common ground of our imagination.
Living inside a feeling that is kept in silence
feelings that we live through but remain untouched.

Dreamers of the same dream
a cycling memory
a life being vanished
a constant feeling to last with her
a battle to keep our eyes closed.

The inner life of being inside her thought
and look at life like no return.