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For bookings please e-mail us

COLONY Studios holding policy: A 1st hold will have to be confirmed at least 7 days away from the shoot day, otherwise will be considered 2nd hold. When a 1st hold is challenged, it has 24 hours to either confirm or release the date.

COLONY Studios Brooklyn 
67 West St, 5th Floor.
For Main Office: Unit 511
For CYC Studio: Unit 523
Brooklyn, NY 11222
(347) 223 4378




Monday – Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm
For deliveries on Saturday and Sunday, please call the studio to confirm hours of operation.
Please note that COLONY Studios is not guaranteed to be open on the weekends.

Shipping or messenger labels:
COLONY Studios Brooklyn.
Attn: enter shoot name
67th West Street, 5th Floor, Unit 511
Brooklyn, NY 11222


All set, props, and furniture pickup should be arranged at the end of the shoot or the next day at a convenient time for the studio manager. Failure to collect any items by the arranged pick up time, are subject to storage fees, unless accommodations are made with the studio management. All merchandise, trunks, and garment bags must be listed on stylist sheet and arranged for pickup with the studio.


Elevator is unlocked from 9.00am to 5.00pm. When freight elevator is locked, client can have access to the elevator with a key card provided by COLONY Studios. In the case a key card is lost, the replacement card fee is $50.

Freight Dimensions: 112'' deep x 67'' 3/4 wide x 95'' 3/4' high x 118'' 3/4 cross diagonal x 167'' 1/4 deep diagonal